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Madrid Executive MBA EMBAssadors

Our EMBAssadors, are the best example of the impact that IESE has on society and business alike. The program aims to emphasize the quality of our program participants and in turn, our alumni.

Meet our EMBAssadors

Marc Godia

Business Manager to CEO Office

EMBA 2023


Javier Goncer

Digital Banking Lead

EMBA 2023


Borja Bergareche


EMBA 2023


Clara Rodríguez-Ovejero

Delivery manager

EMBA 2023


Andrea Bernardi

Head of Strategy and Business Development Renewable Energy Communities

EMBA 2023


Aina Murillo

Strategy and Business Development Manager

EMBA 2023


Iñigo Catalán

Process Engineer

EMBA 2023


M. Angel Perez

Senior Business Consultant

EMBA 2023


Prasanna Kumar Ballepalli

Technology Strategy and Innovation Manager

EMBA 2023


Ignacio Garcia

Presales Engineer

EMBA 2023


Clara colodro

Strategic accounts manager

EMBA 2023


Jorge Arenillas

VPN Global Energy Management

EMBA 2023


Irene de Val Llorente

Directora Adjunta

EMBA 2023


Gonzalo Solana


EMBA 2023


Yeray Alfageme

Business Development manager

EMBA 2020


Alvaro Aritio

Corporate Development Director

EMBA 2020


Javier Bueis

Business Development Director

EMBA 2022


Ignacio Cobo

Principal Consultant

EMBA 2022


Federico di Paola

Sales Strategy & Operations Director

EMBA 2022


Jesús David Jordán

Enterprise Account Manager

EMBA 2021


Jorge Kraemer

Program Manager

EMBA 2022


Alberto Baselga

Chief information office

EMBA 2020


Unique life lessons, new and clearer world vision, personal and professional growth, and friends for life.

Arturo Gracián

Head of Finance

EMBA 2019


A better understanding of the ecosystem. I was finance focused beforehand. Over the two years, the cases helped me acquire the business knowledge and background for good decision making. It’s funny because I wasn’t even aware of my narrow-mindedness until I walked out the door on the last day and realized that everything has changed.

Klaus R. Gaebelt

Deputy Chief Commercial Officer

EMBA 2013


What the IESE EMBA learning takeaways have adapted to each new challenge I face. It’s given me the vital tools needed to move forward in every step of my professional career.

Raúl Aguilera

Manager Sales – South & Eastern Europe

EMBA 2018


My IESE EMBA journey hasn’t just given me the tools to broaden my professional horizons, It has helped me to understand the importance of company values and their impact on society.

Silvia Beggio

Business Development markets & verticals

EMBA 2017


Thanks to the program’s deep introspective self-analysis I have a greater awareness of my strengths and areas for improvement. The EMBA gave me hard business knowledge across all areas and and soft managing people techniques that increased my confidence and robustness in dealing with others in my organisation as well as managing people – and myself. I got the tools to improve my physical and mental stamina when facing, high pressure stressful and uncertain dynamics. The EMBA provided me with a network of professionals with the same vision and values of a manager’s mission and our impact on society. I know that I can rely on them to be there when I turn to them with problem – no matter what. The EMBA is a loud message and living proof my commitment to improving and growing as a manager and openness to new challenges.

Pablo Bros

FP&A Manager

EMBA 2020


A new way of seeing things, of approaching problems and meeting people. All the effort and sacrifice are rewarded 100% in terms of personal and professional growth. Without a doubt there is a before and after. I’ve met some good friends along the way while developing academically and gaining the tools to help me face complicated decisions in life.

David Cano

Planning and Resource Manager

EMBA 2017


Vision, focus and consistency. Growing in uncertain times requires having a global vision, selecting the goals on which to focus efforts and defining one’s own path. A path based on self-knowledge, guided by your values. My EMBA journey helped me to develop each of these aspects, acquiring new knowledge and skills, surrounded by exceptional professionals and people. A decisive, transforming experience.

Elio Díaz

Global Head of Sub Factory Business Line

EMBA 2016


The EMBA has changed my approach to business problems and decision making. I’m now taking a much more holistic perspective. It’s accelerated my professional experience equivalent to several years of senior positions. This is a learning process brought about by many case discussions with prestigious top-level professors, colleagues with diverse profiles and excellent professional backgrounds and well prepared sessions to facilitate the discussion. This can’t be acquired through theoretical classes. The EMBA has an impact on your life and career that never ends – at least in my case. I continue to use both hard skills and soft skills acquired during the EMBA. Not to mention, being part of the IESE community has given me access to a wide network when I needed it. The EMBA has been undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made professionally and personally. Now that I have a broader perspective over time (5 years since I finished), I can say that the investment of time, effort and money has completely paid off.

Francisco Garcia

Finance & Reporting Manager

EMBA 2023


Nicolas Jimenez

Advisory & Specialty – Analytics Delivery Lead – EMEA

EMBA 2023


Andrea Martin

Finance Controller

EMBA 2023


Javier Letamendia

Commercial Business Director, Das Global

EMBA 2023


Antonio González

Head of Corporate R&D Projects

EMBA 2022


Alvaro Asensio

Cybersecurity Business Development Manager

EMBA 2023


Francisco Fernandez


EMBA 2023


Alejandro Antuña

Head of Operations

EMBA 2023


Xavier García

Director de Operaciones

EMBA 2023


Catalina Mesa

Marketing Manager

EMBA 2023


Íñigo Laña

Data driven project manager

EMBA 2022


Jaime Martínez

M&A Directo

EMBA 2022


Elena Montesinos

Country Brand Lead Lung Cancer

EMBA 2022


Iñigo Nieto

Head of Product and Operations finance

EMBA 2022


María Pérez

Associate director, cra manager

EMBA 2022


Iván Pérez

Integrated Squad lead

EMBA 2020


Christophe Perrin

Subcontractor Programme Manager

EMBA 2017


Elisa Posadas

Packaging director for Spain and Portugal

EMBA 2020


Kanyin Sanusi


EMBA 2021


Pavel Veselov

Head of Planning and Projects, Global Procurement, Trading & Shipping

EMBA 2021


Andres Viscaino

Global Account Manager

EMBA 2022


Diana Zahera

Strategy & Operations Senior Manager

EMBA 2022


Mercedes Maria Zamora

Strategic HR Consultant and Executive Coach

EMBA 2021


Jean-Baptiste Retif

Engineering Director

EMBA 2015


The EMBA has allowed me to give me more meaning to my work. My job didn’t change so much as the way I approached it and the responsibilities I took on during a takeover with strategic changes.

Ignacio Zotes

Global XSP, Commercial Manager

EMBA 2017


On the one hand, the EMBA has shown me a broader and more detailed vision of the real working of a company, as well as everyone involved. On the other hand, the EMBA has provided me with a series of tools that allow me to accelerate my professional development. All this, added to the experience I have accumulated during my years of professional life, is allowing me to find new opportunities to progress and manage my career in a much more independent and efficient way.

Andrea Veiga

Data analytics Lead Endesa Energía

EMBA 2019


The EMBA was a turning point for me. My time at IESE allowed me to complement my technical knowledge with essential soft skills which were key to developing my professional career and gave me a transversal vision of the entire company. It helps me on a daily basis to ask the right questions, to analyze problems from many different perspectives and to make more solid decisions. It also gave me brilliant colleagues from whom I continue to learn every day. Without hesitation, I would definitely do the IESE EMBA again.

Ismael Soto


EMBA 2019


To take a global perspective of life, in understanding as well as in your relationships with others and decision making – in both your professional and personal life. A vital change.

Rebeca Sanz

Commercial Strategy

EMBA 2017


The EMBA has been a transformational experience that helped me become who I was meant to be. I became more self-aware; it widened my world, helping me develop a broad range of new skills that I wasn’t even aware of. I realized that a transformational EMBA experience takes (a lot of) effort. But it’s one that pays off. It gets you primed to excel!

Victor Sans


EMBA 2019


The EMBA has been a before and after in my life. Professionally, I have enhanced my soft-skills and I have acquired knowledge about business that I did not have as an engineer. On the personal front, I believe that I have matured and grown personally, and I have forged great, lifelong friendships. I believe that without the EMBA I would not be prepared for the position I am in today.

Fernando Rico

Gerente Infratec

EMBA 2018


Proud of IESE. Thanks to the EMBA and my classmates, I’ve acquired the abilities and knowledge to better serve my team and have a greater impact on my company.

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